Business Video Marketing: Can Your Business Afford to Miss Out?

The explosion in Internet marketing boils down to one significant point – the Internet has provided video advertising opportunities that businesses could previously only dream of. In the modern business world, video streaming and sharing have made it possible for anyone to reach a global audience in seconds. This monumental amount of power turns everyday browsers into engaged and enthralled potential customers, and modern production methods have made corporate video marketing affordable, attention-grabbing, and best of all within reach of businesses of all sizes.

Video marketing is all about unlocking the global potential of a company. The most important factor to consider with corporate video production is that the content needs to be memorable, eye-catching, and effective. Paying close attention to the content will prevent a target audience from moving on before the message within the business video has been put across. Video is the way forward for businesses as well as the utmost power of video marketing. Promotional corporate video is vital for getting a marketing message seen by as many people as possible, and as a result all marketers must get a plan in place to develop their own video content.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always quite as straightforward as simply making a promotional video and getting it uploaded online. One major stumbling block for businesses that desire to have an online video presence is sometimes a lack of available content.

With the right corporate video producer in place, that vital gap can be bridged between having a few ideas on paper and getting a masterpiece corporate video online for the whole world to enjoy.

If the success of video for online marketing needs explaining further, there is a simple statistic that was made popular by the Harvard Business Review. According to their research, people remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. Yet by ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ the same content at the same time, it is likely that the audience will retain 70% of the information that is being communicated – which fits in perfectly with the very nature of video marketing. The power of the human brain to process and retain information should never be underestimated. We can process multimedia-rich content 60,000 times faster than plain text, and this is another reason why businesses should ignore video marketing at their peril! (3M Corporation / Nabisco)

Studies and statistics are all very well, but businesses must consider what corporate video is truly capable of. Software products can be showcased with screenshots and walkthroughs, and physical items can be demonstrated to show off their best qualities in real time through promotional video. This live action can be combined with brief text labels to really leave an impression upon the viewer, and catchy onscreen graphics and an appropriate soundtrack apply the finishing touches to create a polished and effective advertisement. Each piece of content can be filmed and published to suit the client base of any business, and it can be as formal or friendly as the product that it represents – this video is then visible on millions of devices within seconds.

9 Reasons Why You Need to Apply “Lean” Thinking to Your Sales and Marketing Process

“It’s just the way things are done around here.” This may be the most costly thought process of all time, and unfortunately a lot of companies live by it.

Are there inefficiencies in your Sales & Marketing processes today? These inefficiencies are costing YOUR Company money. Because they are hidden costs that do not reveal themselves in your financial statements, they are continuing to do harm to your business.

As “Lean” is really tied to removing costly inefficiencies, it applies to all aspects of business – YOUR Company’s Sales & Marketing effort included.

If YOUR Company’s sales and marketing program contains “non-value added” aspects, your potential for gaining additional market share is suffering because these activities are costing you money. You are either

passing these costs on to your customer by increasing your sell price, absorbing these costs and reducing your profitability, or suffering from doing a combination of both.

In any of these scenarios, YOUR Company’s ability to win incremental business is being compromised, but also your CURRENT business is not as profitable as it could be.

Too many companies, whether they are manufacturers or distributors, are spending time and money repeating sales and marketing steps that are unnecessary to help them grow their sales profitably.

To determine if you need to implement “Lean” practices into your Sales & Marketing process, see if any of these 9 questions apply to your business.

1. Does YOUR Company have a “Sales Process” that is as effective as it could be, or is your sales team not advancing sales opportunities through the pipeline?

2. Does YOUR Company advertise in a way that reaches your desired customer and is producing a good ROI, or are you spending money on the hope that your desired customer will see it?

3. Does YOUR Company have an authoritative and educational website that is working for you as a sales tool, or is it just another website?

4. Does YOUR Company implement price increases efficiently and timely, or does the process take too long?

5. Does YOUR Company generate qualified sales leads and follow up on them to secure new business, or do you treat all leads equally?

6. Does YOUR Company appropriately segment your marketing initiatives, creating communications that “speak” directly to the desired customer or do you take the same approach to reach all potential customers?

7. Does YOUR Company have sales aid information that is organized and readily accessible for your sales team, or are they having to search in multiple places for that, including contacting your Customer Service?

8. Does YOUR Company effectively and consistently on-board new hire sales and marketing personnel, or is the approach inconsistent, resulting in a missed opportunity to instill your corporate strategy from the outset?

9. Does YOUR Company introduce products to the market timely and powerfully, or are you missing out on the great opportunity to draw attention to your brand?

All of the above are areas where inefficiencies can become common practice and hurt your top and bottom lines.

“Lean” thinking – it’s not JUST for manufacturing!

The Most Effective B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies?

Taking advantage of business-to-business (B2B) sales opportunities is important to the bottom line for a growing number of companies. With a lingering recession and high unemployment figures in the background, businesses of all sizes are allocating additional time and resources to their B2B communication activities. This marketing approach can be even more effective by adding two common-sense strategies:

  • Improved B2B Negotiations
  • Improved Business Writing

However, many companies overlook these prudent steps in their rush to make a sale.

Negotiating Delivery Terms and Prices

While many business owners dislike negotiating, the negotiation process should not be overlooked during the B2B sales cycle. “Everything is negotiable” can be a helpful reminder to negotiate the best financial terms even when a customer appears unwilling to be flexible.

In addition to applying this strategy to a pending sale, companies should be equally attentive to the value of negotiating when buying from a supplier. As noted by Roger Dawson, “You will never make more money than when you are negotiating.”

Improving the Bottom Line for Business Writing

Most business executives are eagerly searching for a more effective way to tap into the world of internet sales and marketing. In many cases, the most straightforward approach to do this is to improve the quality of online business writing. Why? Here are two inescapable reasons:

  • Google and other search engines are increasingly becoming more discriminating about what passes muster in search algorithms.
  • Business customers frequently use a company’s written message as a proxy for judging the overall excellence of a business enterprise.

A high percentage of contemporary online business publishing content was produced at the whopping expense of one to five cents per word by some thrifty business buyers observing a “lowest bidder” mentality. Should business owners really expect this approach to put their best foot forward for either smart search engines or smart customers?

The Bottom Line Keeps Moving

The power of search engines to influence internet users is still evolving. The roles of keywords, images and unique text in search algorithms are changing. What worked 10 years ago is not necessarily a viable strategy today.

The costs of operating any business are subject to constant review. Business writing clients regularly attempt to improve the bottom line with improved efficiencies for writing expenditures. Marketing and public relations are not immune from budget cuts. Business writing costs must be scrutinized along with all labor expenses. Persuasive business writing increasingly needs to be cost-effective as well.

However, common sense suggests that there are practical limits to what B2B marketing can achieve when too much attention is devoted to keeping business writing expenses throttled at prices that preclude consistent quality. What does anyone realistically hope to achieve when attempting to buy a high-quality commodity for between a penny and a nickel per word? Of course, discerning search engines and customers will not be fooled – and will often punish companies that try to sacrifice quality at the expense of unsuspecting clients.

The Need for Expert Solutions: Business Negotiating and Business Writing

The increased value of expert solutions poses a serious challenge for businesses everywhere. The working definitions of expertise are a moving target – but are qualified expert negotiators and writers likely to be consistently available at the same price as unqualified personnel?

The jury is still out on the impact of social media, but popularity appears to be an inadequate proxy for either writing or negotiating expertise. The importance of internet visitors and keyword density has been superseded by a need to supply specialized answers and help. This quality shift deserves applause by everyone in the internet and B2B community.

Learn Precisely How To Figure Out Which Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Investing money in the stocks can seem incredibly complicated to someone that is a novice to investing. Of course, there are many different stock markets as well as individual stocks to select from and also someone is not certain the stocks they’ll opt for can continue to increase in price. It might be overwhelming to think about investing a lot of funds just to have the firm they will invest in be unsuccessful, indicating they will lose the funds. Concurrently, it really is exciting to believe they may make a large amount of funds if the company they’ll elect to invest in does good.

Someone that really wants to get started investing their particular funds in stocks has to spend some time to find out a lot more regarding exactly how the stock market operates. A comprehension of this allows them to get a far better idea of exactly how to opt for the best stocks in order to invest in along with when they ought to buy or perhaps sell. They might view here because it includes info on what they will have to learn before they’ll begin investing their own cash. The more info they’ll have prior to starting, the easier it will be for them to flourish once they start investing their particular funds.

They will also want to try here as well as read review in order to understand more regarding the web site and precisely how it might help them to discover exactly how to opt for the right stock. Just knowing exactly how stocks perform is likely to be amazingly helpful, yet comprehending just what to select will probably be crucial. The right choice can help them to make more funds although the wrong one might imply they will lose all their investment rather quickly. They are going to in addition desire to be familiar with exactly what the hazards are for specific kinds of stocks, like penny stocks, so they know precisely what to stay away from in order to have a better chance of reaching their own goals.

In case you happen to be thinking about investing in the stock market, take the time in order to find out as much as is feasible prior to deciding to invest any money. This may help make certain you will be as successful as possible whenever you do start investing. You might desire to Read More Here and check out a webpage that will have all the info you are going to have to have so that you can start with confidence and flourish.

Will The Employees Benefit From Going To Seminars?

A lot of business owners wonder if their workers will really benefit from going to seminars. Obviously, they will be worried about the drawbacks, like the personnel being forced to skip a day at the job and it influencing the productiveness of the company. However, there’s a genuine need for employees to attend injection molding seminars and also a number of rewards the workers and also business can acquire whenever the workers are supplied the ability to attend a seminar. It’s often a good option for a organization to proceed to register their particular employees in the following seminar.

Employees are likely to learn a lot through the seminars for injection molding and also should be able to do their work far better. They are going to understand much more with regards to what their own occupation requires along with the remaining portion of the process so they better comprehend exactly how to interact with their particular colleagues. This enables them to work on the tasks together better, which may lead to less waste as well as the faster creation of goods. In general, this can raise employee gratification and the productiveness of the company overall. The workers can master quite a bit from the seminars as well as have the capacity to do far better at their own task consequently.

Going to scientific molding seminars might in addition help reduce the downtime the business may encounter. Even though the workers will have to spend some time to attend the seminar, they’ll find out much more concerning exactly how the many machines function. This can help stop some of the mistakes the machines may have because of an inaccurate application as well as could let the personnel to find out just how to fix minor problems so they do not have to wait for a specialist to be able to restore the machines. This will in general lessen the down time they may encounter in the future as a result of difficulties with the machines.

It really is crucial for an employer to very carefully consider the advantages of seminars for injection molding. They are going to desire to do what’s best for their organization, and this means having their own personnel achieve the additional experience and knowledge they might get from additional training. Spend some time to look into the seminars that exist at this time to locate the correct one for your employees to go to.